Week #1: The Importance of Intuitive Navigation in UX Design

Weekly Tips To Keep Your Website Optimized

  • Check your SSL Certificate, Make sure you don’t let this expire 🚨

  • Write Meta Titles & Descriptions for your pages, its quick 💨

  • Remember less is more, say more with less 🤝

Introduction: Welcome & Overview

Nice to meet you, Im Collin D Johnson owner of Social Swarm Marketing and your guide to building a better website. After years of designing and developing websites for businesses I have seen first hand, the tips, tricks and best practices that send your website to the top.

You made it just in time!

The first ever edition of “Build a Better Website” by Collin D Johnson. The concept is simple and the goal is clear, how do business owners and entrepreneurs build a better website without spending more money or dedicating large sums of time?

”Build a Better Website” gives you the experience and industry knowledge needed to get that new site up and running with less headaches. Relaying real life experiences that align with your business through endless research and collaboration. Get the latest on Building a Better Website, offering expert insights, practical applications, and in-depth reviews of new tools directly to your inbox!

This Week's Highlight: The Importance of Intuitive Navigation in UX Design

Let's simplify the concept of intuitive navigation in UX design. Put simply, Why is it important for your website users to be able to easily find what they are looking for?

Picture this: You're in a supermarket, but you cant find what you want or need to buy. That's a situation I find myself in all too often 👋🏻, and believe me, it is not fun! People's attention spans are getting shorter and the digital marketplace more crowded, you've got a narrow window to capture interest and seal the deal.

Use the rest of the newsletter as a guide through your websites success in simplifying and prioritizing your navigation.

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Software Spotlight: Relume.io

As a fresh and significant new player in the web design space, Relume stands out by seamlessly integrating AI into the design process, Imagine the perfect blend between Figma and FigJam, but better! With the power of AI and high quality design craft wireframes, sitemaps and mockups in just a few clicks.

Now that we have the right tool, how do we use that tool to benefit and optimize your website?

Follow my 5 Step Website Sitemap Checklist to optimize your businesses navigation. For more help, watch this great video tutorial from Relume. Watch Now

Design Corner: Mastering Bento Design in Web Aesthetics

Greetings from the Design Corner! This issue is all about the elegant and functional "Bento Design" concept that's transforming web aesthetics. We'll explore what it is, why it's becoming a favorite, and how you can apply it to make your websites not only visually appealing but also user-centric.

Unpacking Bento Design

Bento Design is inspired by the Japanese Bento Box, famous for its organized, compartmentalized approach to presenting a variety of dishes in a single container. When applied to web design, it means crafting websites with distinct, well-defined sections that neatly categorize content, making information easily accessible and the overall layout clean and engaging.

The Visual Trends:

  • Structured Elegance: Embrace the simplicity and elegance of structured designs. Bento Design leverages grids and boxes to create a clean, organized look that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  • Vibrant Contrasts: Use contrasting colors to define different sections of your website, much like the diverse colors in a Bento Box. This not only adds visual depth but also guides users through your content with ease.

  • Engaging Micro-Interactions: Small, interactive elements within each section can greatly enhance user engagement. Consider adding hover effects or subtle animations to bring your Bento Boxes to life.

How you Implement it:

  • Grid-Based Layouts: Employ grid systems to fill various content areas with more information, ensuring a balanced, cohesive look that aligns with the Bento philosophy.

  • Embrace Whitespace: Whitespace is your ally in Bento Design, offering a visual pause between different sections and making your content more digestible.

  • Unified Design Language: While each section should stand out, maintaining a consistent theme across your site is crucial for visual cohesion. Stick to a harmonious palette of colors, fonts, and stylistic elements.

  • Interactive 'Compartments': Make each section interactive with clickable or animated features to engage users and encourage exploration.

  • Optimize for All Devices: Your Bento-inspired design should gracefully adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices.

Spotlight: Bento Website Mockups for Parambil

This month, we're thrilled to showcase mockups from our recent project where we've applied Bento Design principles to create a dynamic, user-friendly interface. The project, for a software development brand, doing big things with Ai in the legal and medical industries, involved reimagining their digital platform with a focus on clarity, cleanliness, and modern appeal.

Dive into Bento Design, and watch your digital spaces transform!

Parting Thoughts: A close on Week 1

As we wrap up this journey through week one of "Build a Better Website," I want to leave you with a thought that resonates with both the essence of intuitive navigation and the broader theme of creating exceptional digital experiences.

Remember, crafting a website isn't just about mashing pages together; it's about creating a digital experience that guides, informs, and delights. This week, we've journeyed through intuitive UX design, discovered tools like Relume.io that empower our creative endeavors, and explored the elegant simplicity of Bento Design. Each element, each insight, serves as a compass point guiding us towards creating not just better websites, but experiences that resonate on a human level!

As we part ways this week, remember that your journey to a better website is ongoing. The digital landscape is ever-changing, and so too should be our approach to engaging with it. Let this newsletter be your North Star, guiding you towards a website that not only stands out but stands for something.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. Here's to navigating the vast digital seas ahead with confidence, creativity, and a clear sense of direction. Until next time, keep sailing towards excellence. ⛵️

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